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Model 5800 6200
Mass (without guide bar and chain) 5.26 (kg)
Dimensions (without guide bar and chain) 50.5*25.5 *33 cm
Fuel Mixture (Gasoline 25: Two-Cycle Oil 1)
Fuel Tank Capacity 550 ml
Chain Oil Motor Oil SAE#10W- 30
Oil Tank Capacity 260 (ml) Pump-Film Type
Engine Displacement 54.5 CC 61.5 CC
Maximum Engine Power 2.5 KW/ 8000 rpm 2.7 KW/ 8000 rpm
Maximum Engine speed with cutting
(without guide bar and chain)
12000 rpm
Maximum Engine speed at idling 3400 rpm
Saw Chain Pitch 3/8 “
Saw Chain Gauge 0.063(in)
Guide Bar Type Hard Nose
Guide Bar Size 22" 24"
Oil Feeding System Automatic Pump With Adjuster

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